In the first half of 2016, we already have plans in place for ~20% of our service population to take part in offshore factory training programs, continuing the trend for the third year. This represents participation in the factory floor, hands-on training programs in Japan, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA.


Working with our suppliers, we identify and procure the common as well as specialty tools necessary to provide the highest level of service and ensure the shortest time to repair for our customers. In 2014, our investment exceeded $35K USD and we will spend in excess of $80K by the end of 2016.


The Technical Service Group at Edgeworth Laguna is committed to minimizing our customer’s downtime with in-house access to a spare parts inventory in excess of $1.1M USD.


Edgeworth has been providing initial warranty, as well as extended warranty and post-warranty service for our suppliers and our customers for more than 45 years. We also facilitate the initial installation along with operator and maintenance training for our customers.

Machine set-up and Installation

Each machine purchased through Edgeworth includes free setup and training for Basic Operation and Maintenance

Troubleshooting and Repair

Availability of FSE on call. Onsite support scheduling


Preventive Maintenance

We offer Periodic Maintenance from a choice of Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually.

Technical Training

With our Training venue in Laguna, we have scheduled thousands of training hours for different customers.

We also have, at customer’s request, an Inhouse or offshore training.  Depending on your needs.

Applications Support

Enabling the required manufacturing processes needed for your business to be successful.

Process Development

Collaborate with customers in optimizing and simplifying manufacturing systems using our carried equipment.

Material Qualification

Helping customers in material selection best suited for your products.