YXLON EVOlution continues: faster and more precise!

Why compromise? What if everything rEVOlved around you? As technology advances at an ever-increasing rate, YXLON has acknowledged that a “one size fits all” X-ray system in advanced electronics no longer delivers the best solution to the customer.



We have designed a great new range of systems, each purposefully built to become the leader in each of the three major market segments SMT, semiconductors and lab applications.



YXLON introduces the new Cheetah EVO SMT (for Scalable X-ray Inspection System) and Cougar EVO SMT (The Best Small Footprint X-ray Inspection System for assembly applications).



For more details on the products, you may visit the Product Lines’ page and click the YXLON logo; or contact us at (049) 544-1111 (local 307) or email us at sales@edgeworthcorp.com.