Power Device Measuring System: Fortia

The best system for power device measurement with ACCRETECH’s contact technology and wide applications combined with TESEC’s measuring technology!






  • Seamless measurement from DC (large current, high voltage) to L load (avalanche) measurement – Provides a high-quality measurement with the ATi unit (ACCRETECH TESEC interface un
  • it, DARUMA stage, and pressurization card function.
  • Integrated operation – Tester operation and the display of measurement results can be performed with the prober.
  • Wide measurement range from low to extremely high temperature.
  • Prober options – Wide range of options can be installed.
  • Customizable measurement environment – Combination of optional units can build a measurement environment suitable to the device.
  • Quick shut down during L load (avalanche) measurement – The measurement path is shut down quickly if the device falls.


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