About Application Center

With the help of our Partners, Edgeworth Laguna Application Center (ELAC) was strategically built to help-out our customer’s growing demands and up to date technology by providing support on process and quality improvement, UPH enhancement, new product development and progressive training for better uptime and skills enhancement.

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12-inch fully automatic twin dicing machine. The world smallest footprint, high throughput, and high processing quality reinforced by the collaboration of the up-to-date technology.

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8-inch semi-automatic dicing machine. Small footprint with highly stable structure and compliant with varieties of work.

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6-inch semi-automatic dicing machine. Improved operability with the 17-inch touch panel screen. The image processing engine accommodates variety of work.

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A stand-alone wafer cleaning unit that provides the best solution for cleaning and drying the wafer cut by semi-automatic dicing saws. Air accelerated water nozzle and horizontal swing arm achieves excellent cleaning quantity.

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